Spectrum Mobile Bar Company stands out by taking you step by step to help mix the perfect and most personal cocktail for you and your friends to enjoy for any occasion!!!! We even do a spirit consultation, so you won’t overbuy and spend extra unnecessary funds. We at Spectrum Mobile Bar Company enjoy giving our clients 100% satisfaction, we want to make sure you get the beverage services you deserve!

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service while providing classic cocktails to enhance your drink experience. Spectrum Mobile Bar Company loves the opportunity to meet the needs of our clients!!! We make it a priority to ensure the guest enjoys this creative component of their event!! We love creating cocktails reflecting the ambiance of ANY event!!

Spectrum Bartenders combined professional experience, working in some of the highest caliber restaurants in the city has taught us how to use a high level of execution & attention to detail in our service. We are sharp & dedicated individuals coming together to make your experience the best possible. Additionally, our bartenders are TABC certified and are certified, mixologists. We know how important that is to our potential clients & their peace of mind when it comes to guest safety and health. Seeing our clients fully enjoy their event without the slightest worry in the world is a great feeling. We expect them to be VIP guests at their own event. Perhaps it is the fact that every event is different, it gives us the joy to be in a business where we have variety in our work. Not to mention, the clients we gain along the way make it all worthwhile.